Odin - Oak Bark Leather Belt - Natural

Odin - Oak Bark Leather Belt - Natural


The god of belts. A 6mm thick and 1 ¾ inch wide oak bark leather belt with double tongue solid brass buckle and keeper. You'll think you died and went to Valhalla when you wear this belt. Dramatic? Maybe.

- 5-6mm Oak Bark Leather from J&FJ Baker, Devon
- Double tongue solid antiqued brass buckle
- Solid brass keeper
- Decorative hand stitched clasp
- Beeswax burnished edges
- 44mm Wide
- Handmade in England

Processing Times

Most items are made to order and usually take 2-5 business days to ship.


Belt Sizing

Please note that belt size is different from trouser size. Belt size is measured from the outer end of the buckle to the centre hole. Please measure a current belt from the outer tip of the buckle to the hole you use or measure the circumference of your waist through your trouser loops with a measuring tape.

Natural oak bark leather tends to stretch approximately an inch in length. We recommend ordering 1” down to accommodate.

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