Leather Review: J&FJ Baker - Full Grain Oak Bark Tan - 'Dark Stain'

This heavy duty bridle leather comes from the UK's last remaining oak bark tannery, J&FJ Baker, located in Coylton, Devon. Using a year long process this cow butt is tanned with an oak bark 'tea'. The result is a super tough heavy bridle leather that has amazing character.

The butt is finished on front and back with a mixture of waxes and oils that form a white bloom coating that contrasts with the dark non-uniform staining.

2017-06-12 17.16.18.jpg
2017-06-12 17.17.54.jpg

Thickness: ~5-6mm

Pull-up: 1/10 No real pull up effect.

Burnish-ability: 9/10

Very dense grain structure and hard tannage makes for an easy burnish.

Pliability: Very Hard

Chris Braaten